3 Hot Ladies

The original Spirit Squad


Teenage Mom

  • Best friend to everyone
  • Questionable chef
  • Infectious laugh, bright smile
  • Chips and dip over cake
  • Wonderful listener

The Gram

Teenage Grandma

  • Loyal friend
  • Out-of-this-world baker and chef
  • Chocoholic
  • Fun-loving
  • Movie nut


Young Auntie

  • Cool temperament, warm heart
  • Voice of reason
  • Politically minded
  • Foil to her much younger sister, The Gram
  • Lover of sweets and Coca Cola


Young Me 2

  • Social chatterbox
  • Slightly better cook than Mom but not as good as The Gram
  • Chips and salsa over cookies

Mom was my rock, The Gram was my home away from home, and Auntie was my before and after school program when the weather was bad and the walk was long.

The 21st-Century Spirit Squad now consists of me, M (just like Judi Dench in the Bond films, or maybe Bernard Lee, except not like them at all), my husband, K-Hubs (the calm one), and our spirited daughters, Toodlebug and Twinkleberry.

And if you’re wondering what all this spirited stuff is about, read here. It runs deep.