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Who would have thought a Pinterest craft could turn out well?  But it’s true.  Some Pinterest crafts really do work.  Like this one.  I found the original craft idea here.  And I’ve always wanted to try it.  So, with this 7-day challenge (that has really turned into 12 days or something like that courtesy of sick kiddoes), I decided to give it a try.

It’s addicting.  I could have easily purchased more than the 4 ornaments I bought at Michael’s for 70% off.  Win.  I got excited seeing which color combos worked well together and whether the finished product looked better shaken or stirred.  Even K-Hubs got in on the action.  He oohed and ahhed without prompting.

Clear Ornament Bulb 2013

Maybe I should turn these into giveaways!

To get started, I poured acrylic paint into the ornament bulb.  I poured from the side and let the paint run down rather than pouring directly from the top of the opening straight to the center of the ornament.  Letting the paint run down the sides gave the final product a little more pizzazz.

For the first few, I rolled the ornament gently in my hand.  I call this “stirred”.

Stirred 2 2013

Stirred 1 2013

For the last one, I shook it vigorously.  This is my “shaken” version.

Shaken Not Stirred 2 2013

Although both attempts turned out fine, I kind of like the shaken version.  The paint clumped less.  And the final look was a little more natural.

The hardest part was getting the ornament hook thingy back on after pouring the paint.

I admit I started getting a little carried away.  I wanted to buy more ornaments to make spring versions to hang on full trees I don’t have in a garden that isn’t finished.  I thought about color-coordinated ribbon and parasols and sunbonnets, too.  And then I reentered reality.

Since those cheesecake cupcakes I envisioned for Toodle and Twinkle’s hypothetical tea party didn’t turn out so well, maybe these ornaments are a perfect craft idea for their hypothetical birthday parties.

Unlike my glitter-pumpkins craft, I’m going to go with nailed it on this one.


The craft was such a good idea in my head.  Like floral stirrup pants or the hair brushes with the hairspray pump in the handle.  And easy, too.  I even thought maybe it would be too easy to blog about.

I was mistaken.

I’ve gone on craft sprees before.  Like the wicker sun-bonnet craze that spread through the 80s and 90s and adorned the walls of many a home.  I was in on that.  I decorated my own room in them, and when I ran out of space, God love Mom, she let me spread my love of wicker, ribbon, and floral accouterments throughout the rest of our house. Mauve and green bonnets, country blue and baby pink bonnets.  Gingham.  You could never go wrong with gingham. Don’t look at me like that.  I was 12.  Okay, maybe 16.  I don’t remember.

Glitter felt like a natural segue.

I wasn’t kidding last week when I said I wanted hot pink glitter pumpkins.  Since I couldn’t find any in stores, I had the brilliant idea to make my own.  I wanted a styrofoam pumpkin like this.

Pumpkin I wanted

Note the gouge.  This pumpkin was actually Mom’s.  Then I inherited it. And then Toodlebug found it a few years back, thought it was an apple and tried to eat it.

Bite Mark

Anyway, I found this ceramic pumpkin after Halloween on sale for 80% off and decided one wasn’t enough.  I really needed two.  I can’t imagine why they’d be so cheap or why they were still on the shelf.  Look at it, it’s gorgeous.

Ceramic Pumpkins


Anyway, I found them on sale, and they weren’t really what I was going for, but since they were $1.79 each, I thought I’d better take them.

I was really going for something that could be finished to look like this.

Purple Pumpkin

And this.

Orange Pumpkin

I already own these, but they aren’t pink, so they don’t count.

You’ll really need about a gallon of glitter.  And make sure you put down something like newspaper on your work surface before you start.  I almost forgot that step.  Can you just see K-Hubs’ face if I told him I glued hot pink glitter to our kitchen table?  Probably not since you’ve never seen his face.  But it would be bad.

Anyway, I inadvertently glued the pumpkin to the cup.  I think the plastic really adds a touch of class as do the ceramic leaves and flower.  You agree.  I know you do.  And that’s K-Hubs’ hand.  So I guess you’ve seen part of him.

Pumpkin Stuck to Cup

The adhesive I used was really strong.  In the chilly fall weather I had to open all the windows and doors so we didn’t pass out from the fumes.

Because I used spray adhesive, the extra glitter stuck to the newspaper. Somehow I was smart enough to protect the table in the beginning but then forgot why I was protecting it and then labored under the assumption the spray adhesive would just vanish into thin air.  For the record, spray adhesive does not vanish into thin air.  More glitter adhered to the paper than the pumpkin.

Glitter Stuck to Paper

And now I owe Toodlebug more pink glitter since I used all of hers to do about 1/80th of this project.  And the glitter doesn’t even look pink.  It looks purple.  But according to the label, it’s pink.  And really, I thought I’d have lots left over.  I didn’t actually think it would take that much goo to do the project.

Pumpkin Cup Centerpiece

I keep meaning to store the pumpkins elsewhere so I can finish them later.  I honestly have no idea what I was thinking when I decided it was a bright idea to try this.  But here they are, still sitting on the kitchen table like the messes they are, the one still glued to the cup.  Maybe by Christmas I’ll have a better centerpiece.  Maybe a neighbor kid will be selling greenery for a school fundraiser.


Oh my God!  Imagine the damage I could do with greenery.